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It's no secret that Portugal has become a major target for entrepreneurs and businesspeople wishing to internationalize their businesses. Mainly because of the great encouragement that the Portuguese government gives to those who wish to undertake in the country and also because it is the best gateway to the European market.

And the D2 visa is the best option for those who, in addition to internationalizing their company, also want to live here while operating their business.

Now let's look at the requirements for this visa:

  1. Search for an immigration lawyer to guide and advise you throughout the internalization planning and also the entire process in the country.

  2. Actually opening the company: Yes, it is necessary for the company to be open in Portugal in order to apply for the visa. But don't worry, this process can all be done remotely, without you having to go to Portugal, by hiring a lawyer you trust here.

  3. Business plan: Submit a detailed business plan describing the business project that will be implemented in Portugal.

  4. Proof of Livelihood: Demonstrate that you have sufficient financial means to guarantee your subsistence during your stay in Portugal. This visa requires 12 minimum wages deposited in a Portuguese account.

Here are some of the steps required to open a company in Portugal:

  • Drawing up the company's articles of association

  • Registration of the company's incorporation;

  • Declaration of registration of commencement of activity;

  • Opening the company's bank account and depositing the share capital;

  • Application for the RCBE.

You can apply for and obtain residency not only for yourself, as an entrepreneur, but also for your whole family through the accompanying family member visa.

How long does the visa process take?

According to the law, the deadline for granting a residence visa after it has been applied for is 60 days, and the process of opening a company is usually very quick if there are no impediments or documentary problems.

This content is for information purposes only and DOES NOT REQUIRE you to consult an immigration lawyer for more in-depth and assertive advice.

by Rafaela Barbosa International Lawyer

Helping you with your immigration or the internationalization of your company and career.

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