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Do you want to work in Portugal? Find out how:

Portugal has made a name for itself as an attractive destination for foreign professionals looking for work opportunities.

The D1 Work Visa is a prime option. This guide outlines the basic requirements and procedures for obtaining the D1 Visa on Portuguese soil.

Pre-requisites for the D1 Visa:

  • Contract or Job Offer:

Submission of a valid employment contract or job offer from an entity based in Portugal.

  • Proof of Livelihood:

With proof that the monthly income guaranteed by this employment contract or promise will be at least the value of a Portuguese minimum wage, which in 2024 is €820 euros, it is possible to apply for the visa.

  • Health Insurance:

Contracting health insurance in force in Portugal, covering medical and hospital expenses. However, if you are Brazilian, you can apply for the PB4 (PT/BR 13 free of charge).

  • Criminal record certificate:

Submit a criminal record certificate from your country of origin and places of recent residence.

  • Validation of educational qualifications:

Verification of the validation of educational qualifications in Portugal, when applicable to the desired profession.

  • Proof of accommodation:

Presentation of proof of accommodation in Portugal, either through a rental contract or housing declaration.

  • Completion of the Visa Application Form:

And other application requirements.

  • Valid Passport:

Certification that the passport is valid for the duration of the intended stay in Portugal.

Application process:

  • Guidance and planning: Seek the advice of an immigration lawyer so that all migration planning can be carried out safely and smoothly.

  • Document preparation: Organizing all the required documents, making sure they are up-to-date and in line with the requirements.

  • Application: At the VFS, Portuguese Consulate or e-visa (consulate system), depending on the place of application.

  • Monitoring the process: Follow up on the status of the application at the Consulate through its official means of communication or through your trusted lawyer.

  • Receipt of the visa: After approval, the visa will be issued in the passport. Pay attention to the validity and conditions specified.

How do I get a job in Portugal?

By applying for vacancies through some websites, such as:


Portugal currently has many job vacancies in various fields, especially in the areas of health and technology.

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